Free Stock Trading Free Course – online trade school

Are you fed up with getting little to no interest rate on your money? We are going to help you learn about different ways of investing and trading in the stock exchange.

Act in accordance with the lessons and you’ll certainly be ensured to acquire essential expertise on how to make real money in the stock market!

This course is broken down into 3 chapters or sections and further broken down to small easily readable and understandable lectures.

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The 5 main chapters are:

1. Trading basic concepts for the beginner investor

Learn the basics about stock market concepts. What are stocks mutual funds, indices, bonds, penny stock, foreign exchange trading and more.

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2. Stock charts analysis

Learn about technical analysis stock market strategies, for the starting investor. Start here.

3. Fundamental stock trading analysis

Learn how to read companies reports, research and find the best investments in terms of real stock value vs perceived stock value. Start here.

4. Day trading

Learn the technique of day trading investing, Start here!

5. Penny stocks trading

A unique stock trading strategy, finding stocks at a minimum price and earning when the stock price goes up. Learn here!